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My Freeware Games & Devlog Blog

Welcome to my little Blog :).

I’m not really a great blogger, sometimes I wonder if anyone out there gives a crap about what I think, but I’ve bit the bullet and decided to blog about my game making exploits or lack of them.

So far I’ve finished two freeware games which I’ll post properly about later.  Hopefully this blog is going to motivate me into creating more games, work faster and stop procrastinating.  I’ll also post about Scirra’s Construct software, which I use to create my games, I’ll post my DevLog about my current games and also link to some other Construct related things.

Be sure to check out my GameJolt Profile as my games will be hosted there and also my YouTube channel where I upload my Construct related videos.  You can find the link over to your right.

So there you have it I hope you find something interesting here :).


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