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I was checking my GameJolt download/views totals for RogueLight the other day and discovered that the dowloads where greater than the views for certain days.  I couldn’t work it out for a while because I always link to the profile rather than the direct download, then it dawned on me, I’m getting the direct download hits from somewhere else.

So I checked my YouTube stats and found where my hits had come from.  RogueLight was featured on a Russian Games site, and for someone who has made only two games, RogueLight being my first, I was a bit chuffed to say the least.  Using the power of the t’internet I was able to translate the Russian and find out what my Russian cousins had to say, and although the English translation was wonky, most comments where rather positive.

If you feel like reading the broken English Google translation, you can clicky here.


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