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Not really much of an update but I’m hoping this DevLog thing will keep me motivated.  So then what new goodies have I been working on:-

  • Real Time lighting – Don’t think I’m going to use this.  It adds nothing to the game really and because the background is mostly solid black it doesn’t look that good anyway.
  • New HUD – well it really isn’t that new it’s in the screenshots in the post below.
  • Cutscenes/Information – The method in the last video was a bit too intrusive to the game, and when I say a bit I mean a lot.  So I’ve changed it again.  This new method can be seen in the screens below and is much nicer than the screen being taken over by a fake Amstrad CPC screen.
  • I overcame a problem with using Lucid’s wonderful SpriteFont plugin for Construct.  Basically I couldn’t get the plugin to write the text (like a typewriter) when a variable was a certain value, which for the life of me I couldn’t work out why.  I still really don’t know why it wouldn’t work, but I’ve made a small work around and now the plugin will type my text whenever.
  • I’ve added the cutscene/info for the basic tutorial on what controls are what.
  • I’ve created the death sequence for both Bit and Droid.  Which I rather like.  🙂
  • Some more basic stuff like switches, doors, some more art stuff and animations.

So not really a great deal but at least I’m still working on it and more to the point enjoying it.  Still the .cap file is a mess of edited events, borrowed event sheets and stuff that does nothing.  So I’ll have to go though it all and tidy it up :(.  Here have a screenshot.  :).

Bit Hero New

Bit Hero Gameplay Screen - Watch out for lazers


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