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I’ve just completed my first tutorial in Construct.  It’s a 1 level Sokoban clone called SkullKoBan.  I’ve commented all the events in as plain English as I can manage, which is some mean feat when I come from the North West of the UK :).

A small note – I’m no Construct expert or programming deity so there may be things in the events that can be done easier, better or more efficient.  I just evented it to the best of my ability.

Oh and you’ll need to have Lucid’s wonderful SpriteFont plugin installed for it to work correctly, there is a link in GMG’s reply in the thread on the Construct forums.


SkullKoBan Gameplay 1


SkullKoBan Gameplay 2


SkullKoBan Gameplay 3

YouTube Video Clicky Link

Construct Forum Post

DropBox Tutorial Link (.cap file, EXE & graphics) 0.89MB


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