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I was recently approached to allow Memorized to be distributed on the cover DVD of the French gaming magazine Joystick.  Of course I jumped at the chance.  I’ve been waiting for the issue to be released before posting anything, but I received my copy today (September Issue) and thought I’d share it with the world.  Not the whole magazine.  Just the Memorized article.

Memorized Article

Memorized Featured In Joystick

I’ve Google translated the article – “Five seconds is the time you have to memorize each table game platform before the light,., turns off. Then you have to jump the right places to reach the exit while avoiding obstacles. Whenever you die, the path appears again few moments to let you back on track. In a formidable efficiency, the concept attracted, especially it reminds us of the great moments of galley when the show off the Light to reach the bedroom while trying to avoid embedding itself in the knees furniture. A catchy title, really thought and taking that deserves some attention here, as it confers its playability good life.

Well that has boosted my morale 🙂 Maybe now I can find the enthusiasm and drive to work on Bit Hero or one of the countless other partially finished games, engines and prototypes I have festering away in the darkest reaches of my Hard Drive.


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