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So the feature in the gaming magazine Joystick has motivated me to pull my finger out and work on something again.  I’ve decided to go back to an old project, to flesh it out further and hopefully make something nice, interesting and fun to play.

The game in question is The Evolutionary Adventures Of C.A Conway which I’ve now renamed to just Conway.  It uses John Conway’s Game Of Life to generate a living/dying platform level.   I’m going to change the gameplay a little from that in the video, although on the whole it will still consist of collecting top hats.  I’ve overhauled the graphics quite a bit, well to the best of my artistic ability and at least to my mind looks a lot prettier.

Conway New Graphics

Conway With Hopefully Nicer Graphics 🙂

I posted the prototype shown in the video at TIGSource to get a few ideas about how to expand the game further, and although there have been only a few replies so far, they were at least helpful and encouraging to someone still new to game creation.

In the coming days I’ll post a little bit of progress on the gameplay and the “Cellular Automata” level which at the moment are completely separate of each other.  And hopefully I can keep focused on this project and keep up the development and the DevLog.

That’s it for now 🙂


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