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Hello again.

I’ve uploaded a video to YouTube showing the progress I made on Conway as described  in the post below.  It shows the two versions I have working.  The simple block level and the “Bitwise” number tiled level.

Since embedding doesn’t seem to work for me you’ll have to click HERE.

OK so thats the clever bit of Conway I have worked on, but I’ve also played around with the gameplay too.  I have designed a quick and easy game mode around a well-known “Game Of Life” pattern called a “Gosper Gun” it is a pattern that basically bounces back and forth between to static blocks whilst firing out “gliders”.

That also means that I have the “Cellular Automata” level and the actual platforming working together perfectly.  It took a while but I managed to copy over the events from one to the other, although I did have to get rid of an annoying crash that I couldn’t pin down.  It took an hour of looking and an hours break, but I finally tracked it down to a “OR” that seems to be rather buggy at the moment in Construct.

Still it’s working now and thats the main thing.  Just got to polish up the “Gosper Gun” mode a little and I may post the demo for people to have a play around with and hopefully get some feedback to help push the game along.


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