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So real life has once again taken hold and my internet self has been bound, gagged and locked in the basement.  In other words I’ve been back in full-time work, although currently it is only a temporary position.  That has ment that game making and updating the blog has been put on the back burner for now while I’m getting back into the swing of early morning get-ups and getting in late, of course when my body is honed to this I’ll be busy beavering away on Construct once again.


My computer died on me 😦   Not a complete, buy a new computer died, but the type that means losing lots of files that I never got round to backing up, type of died.  So you can probably guess that most of my graphics for my Construct projects and also most of my cap files have gone for a burton. It looks like Conway and some of the other projects may never see the light of day without a completely new set of graphics and a complete re-write in Construct.

Right that’s it for now.  Hopefully the next post will be news of a new project or a new tutorial.  Until then stay safe.  🙂


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