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Hi my name is Minor/Minor78 or Mr.Flibble I’m a 30ish guy from the UK who has dreamed of making games since he was a kid.  I don’t dare count the wasted hours copying 1000’s of line of Basic on my Amstrad computer, only to type RUN” and get SYNTAX ERROR.  Oh the memories.

Unfortunately for me I am unable to learn coding languages, I don’t know why, I’m a fairly intelligent guy, but something about coding/programming languages just doesn’t stick.  Ask me the result of the opening game of the 1990 World Cup and I have no problems, ask me what a GOSUB is or when to use WEND and I’m totally clueless.

In the past I have tried to learn the following languages:

  • BASIC (AMSTRAD CPC) – Didn’t happen although I did learn 10 PRINT “HELLO” 20 GOTO 10.
  • AMOS (AMIGA) – I did have a little success here.  I made a decent quiz game based on snooker rules and a card based wrestling game.
  • DARK BASIC (PC) – Very little success here, I have no idea why because I’m sure the language was based/similar to AMOS.
  • QBASIC (PC) – Not a chance.
  • GAMEMAKER (PC) – Started with GM4.  Found drag and drop OK but again GML I was useless.  I did make a fairly popular program called SmilieMaker with it though.

That brings me to what I use to create my games.  Construct.  Man I was amazed by this program.  It works exactly how I think coding should work in my head, something clicked and after having spent 25 years of trying, I finally have the right tools to make my games.

All that stops me now is my artistic skills :).


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