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Hello again.

I’ve uploaded a video to YouTube showing the progress I made on Conway as described  in the post below.  It shows the two versions I have working.  The simple block level and the “Bitwise” number tiled level.

Since embedding doesn’t seem to work for me you’ll have to click HERE.

OK so thats the clever bit of Conway I have worked on, but I’ve also played around with the gameplay too.  I have designed a quick and easy game mode around a well-known “Game Of Life” pattern called a “Gosper Gun” it is a pattern that basically bounces back and forth between to static blocks whilst firing out “gliders”.

That also means that I have the “Cellular Automata” level and the actual platforming working together perfectly.  It took a while but I managed to copy over the events from one to the other, although I did have to get rid of an annoying crash that I couldn’t pin down.  It took an hour of looking and an hours break, but I finally tracked it down to a “OR” that seems to be rather buggy at the moment in Construct.

Still it’s working now and thats the main thing.  Just got to polish up the “Gosper Gun” mode a little and I may post the demo for people to have a play around with and hopefully get some feedback to help push the game along.


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Thought I’d share a little of the progress I’ve made on Conway.  This update is mainly about the Cellular Automata level and added one suggestion from the TIGSource design forum thread.  The suggestion was to make it easy for the player to see where and how the level was going to evolve.  I thought this was going to be beyond my abilities in Construct, but after jotting down several methods/ideas and plenty of head scratching I managed to get it working as it should.  As you can see in the screenshot below.

Cellular Automata Level

Cellular Automata Level

Cellular Automata Level Zoomed

Same Cellular Automata Level Zoomed In

The screenshots are both of the same generation of Cellular Automata but the 2nd one is zoomed in so you can see it in a bit more detail.  I’ll quickly explain what you are seeing in the screenshot.  Basically there are 3 types of block:

  • Block with a red outline – This is a block that will die when the next Cellular Automata advances to the next generation.
  • Semi Transparent Block – This block will be created when the Cellular Automata advances to the next generation.
  • Normal Block – This block doesn’t change.  It will still be the same block when the Cellular Automata advances to the next generation.

While the graphics are a great improvement over the simple black blocks of the prototype I created some time ago, they are still a little bland so I had to either improve the graphics again from scratch or think of a sexier way to display them.

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So the feature in the gaming magazine Joystick has motivated me to pull my finger out and work on something again.  I’ve decided to go back to an old project, to flesh it out further and hopefully make something nice, interesting and fun to play.

The game in question is The Evolutionary Adventures Of C.A Conway which I’ve now renamed to just Conway.  It uses John Conway’s Game Of Life to generate a living/dying platform level.   I’m going to change the gameplay a little from that in the video, although on the whole it will still consist of collecting top hats.  I’ve overhauled the graphics quite a bit, well to the best of my artistic ability and at least to my mind looks a lot prettier.

Conway New Graphics

Conway With Hopefully Nicer Graphics 🙂

I posted the prototype shown in the video at TIGSource to get a few ideas about how to expand the game further, and although there have been only a few replies so far, they were at least helpful and encouraging to someone still new to game creation.

In the coming days I’ll post a little bit of progress on the gameplay and the “Cellular Automata” level which at the moment are completely separate of each other.  And hopefully I can keep focused on this project and keep up the development and the DevLog.

That’s it for now 🙂

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I’ve just uploaded a new Bit Hero video to Youtube.  Basically just shows all the additions I mentioned in the post below.  I also added some sexy annotations to the video too, I’ve never tried them before but they work really nice.

Hmmmmm.  Embedding the video doesn’t seem to be working for me so heres a clicky link.  🙂

Next on the agenda – Nail down the gameplay mechanics, write the basic story, plan a few levels and clean up my event sheets so they are workable when the game gets larger.

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Not really much of an update but I’m hoping this DevLog thing will keep me motivated.  So then what new goodies have I been working on:-

  • Real Time lighting – Don’t think I’m going to use this.  It adds nothing to the game really and because the background is mostly solid black it doesn’t look that good anyway.
  • New HUD – well it really isn’t that new it’s in the screenshots in the post below.
  • Cutscenes/Information – The method in the last video was a bit too intrusive to the game, and when I say a bit I mean a lot.  So I’ve changed it again.  This new method can be seen in the screens below and is much nicer than the screen being taken over by a fake Amstrad CPC screen.
  • I overcame a problem with using Lucid’s wonderful SpriteFont plugin for Construct.  Basically I couldn’t get the plugin to write the text (like a typewriter) when a variable was a certain value, which for the life of me I couldn’t work out why.  I still really don’t know why it wouldn’t work, but I’ve made a small work around and now the plugin will type my text whenever.
  • I’ve added the cutscene/info for the basic tutorial on what controls are what.
  • I’ve created the death sequence for both Bit and Droid.  Which I rather like.  🙂
  • Some more basic stuff like switches, doors, some more art stuff and animations.

So not really a great deal but at least I’m still working on it and more to the point enjoying it.  Still the .cap file is a mess of edited events, borrowed event sheets and stuff that does nothing.  So I’ll have to go though it all and tidy it up :(.  Here have a screenshot.  :).

Bit Hero New

Bit Hero Gameplay Screen - Watch out for lazers

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So I’ve started work on a new game.  Currently called Bit Hero, it’s going to be a small platform exploration game, maybe with puzzle elements, I haven’t worked out the finer details yet.  You control our Hero – Bit, he’s the guy in the spacesuit.  On your travels you are aided by your Droid, cleverly named Droid.  You can switch between the characters and take control of Droid, who is good for exploring down tunnels to small for Bit and areas out of reach to Bit.  Although if you travel too far from Bit the remote signal is lost.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here’s a few screens from my test level.

Bit Hero 1

Bit Hero Gameplay 1

Bit Hero 2

Bit Hero Gameplay 2

Bit Hero 3

Bit Hero Gameplay 3

Bit Hero 4

Bit Hero Gameplay 4 - Controlling Droid.

So far I’m doing well with the programming and even, shock horror, the art side of the game.  All I have to do now is nail down how the game will play and what direction to take it in.  Currently I have too many ideas buzzing around my noggin, so as soon as I can dwindle them down the game should come along nicely.


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