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Escape the 25 randomly generated floors while looting treasure before your torch goes out and you are left to die alone in complete darkness.

RogueLight - Stats

RogueLight - Statistics Page

RogueLight - Gameplay

RogueLight - Gameplay

RogueLight - Gameplay 2

RogueLight - Gameplay 2


Arrows – Move Character
X – Calls Up The Map
Z – Action – Stood next to chest open
– Again to collect gold
– Exit while in front of exit stairs
– While next to a flame add energy to the torch you’re carrying.


New Game – Will generate 25 new levels for you to play (takes about a minute or so)

Last Levels – Will play the last levels generated from the beginning

Stats – Will randomly show some of the games statistics

Level Share & Achievements aren’t in yet.

YouTube Trailer

YouTube Gameplay Video

GameJolt Entry



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