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Oh been a while since I posted here so I’ll let you know why.

Basically the World Cup.  I love my football (not soccer we play football with our feet, hence football 🙂 ) and with 2 or 3 games per day there wasn’t much time to work with Bit & Droid.  I know what you’re going to say though “The World Cup finished ages ago”.

Yeah you’re right but I started a small side project that has become bigger than I planned, I haven’t posted about it or posted videos because I wanted to wait until it was nearly complete before showing the game.  It isn’t anything special or something innovative, it’s just a small Thrust type collect ’em up, that is hopefully going to be fun and challenging.

And just because there was no front page news doesn’t mean I’ve not been busy on the blog.  Far from it.  I’ve added a new section for my .cap files that I have created for fellow Constructors.  Feel free to poke around, download any that interest you and hopefully learn Construct.  You’ll find the link up in the top right corner.

A few I’ve added recently are:

  • 2 versions of Platform Block Pushing
  • Wall Slide & Wall Jumping
  • A top down racing example with an AI racer
  • Switching platform characters ala Bit & Droid

Keep an eye on the .cap section because I probably wont be posting when it’s updated I’ll just add them sneakily :).

Till next time when I will hopefully have some news about Bit & Droid.


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I’ve just completed my first tutorial in Construct.  It’s a 1 level Sokoban clone called SkullKoBan.  I’ve commented all the events in as plain English as I can manage, which is some mean feat when I come from the North West of the UK :).

A small note – I’m no Construct expert or programming deity so there may be things in the events that can be done easier, better or more efficient.  I just evented it to the best of my ability.

Oh and you’ll need to have Lucid’s wonderful SpriteFont plugin installed for it to work correctly, there is a link in GMG’s reply in the thread on the Construct forums.


SkullKoBan Gameplay 1


SkullKoBan Gameplay 2


SkullKoBan Gameplay 3

YouTube Video Clicky Link

Construct Forum Post

DropBox Tutorial Link (.cap file, EXE & graphics) 0.89MB

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