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So I had a little idea the other day and decided to prototype it in Construct.  The result came out pretty well so I added a nice little GUI and named the program BB@RT.  “What Does BB@RT do?” I hear you ask.  Well BB@RT takes a 32×32 pixel image and turns it into forum compatible BBCODE, you know the markup language that adds bold, italics etc to your forum posts.  If you paste the outputted BBCODE into any forum post you’ll get a nice full coloured ascii image.


BB@RT GUI with image preview


BB@RT GUI with image preview 2

Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t use BBCODE so if you go to the forum post for BB@RT you can see what the above images would look like when outputted to BBCODE.  The program is really simple to use but there is a Read Me file included in the download., the link for which is in the forum post and just below.



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Memorized is a Platform game that should hopefully challenge your platforming skills and your memory. The basic gameplay is simple. You are shown the level that you have to complete for 5 seconds, then the level is made invisible and you have the tools to draw where you remember platforms and obstacles to make it to the level exit on each of the 20 levels. Each time you die you are shown the level again to tweak your memory, this costs you extra time and of course adds to your death count.

Memorized Gameplay

Memorized Gameplay

Memorized Links

Blog Page For Memorized

Youtube Gameplay Video

GameJolt Entry

Download – 1.6MB

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RogueLight is a small coffee time combat-less rogue-like.

Escape the 25 randomly generated floors while looting treasure before your torch goes out and you are left to die alone in complete darkness.

RougueLight Gameplay

RougueLight Gameplay

RogueLight Links

Blog Page for RogueLight

YouTube Video

GameJolt Entry

Download – 1.5MB

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